The Plaza Group provides a wide array of materials manufactured both domestically and abroad to bring our clients reliability of supply and competitive pricing.

Industrial Chemicals


The Plaza Group offers a variety chemical products in different grades, strengths and specifications which are derived from macronutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur.

These products are raw materials for chemical processes and manufacturing, and are often used to produce other downstream chemical commodities.

Our industrial chemicals are used in a broad range of applications in diverse market segments including:


• NOx Abetment

• Water Treatment

• Oil Field Fracking

• Lawn and Turf Blends

• Refrigeration

• Plastics

• Textiles

• Pigments and dyes

• Synthetic detergents

• Pharmaceuticals

• Synthetic detergents

• Metal treatment

• Food Additives



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PRODUCT NAME:     Anhydrous Ammonia


PRODUCT CATEGORY:     Industrial Chemicals


DESCRIPTION:     Anhydrous ammonia is the gas or compressed liquid form of ammonia that contains no water. It is used in the production of other nitrogen fertilizer compounds as well as the production of many other chemical products and processes. Ammonia is also sued in wide range of Industrial applications. Anhydrous Ammonia is a hazardous chemical and requires special handling and transport.


APPLICATIONS:     Chemical manufacturing, NOx Abatement, plastics and intermediates, metal processing, textile industry, dyes, insecticides and herbicides, synthetic resin, petroleum refining, refrigeration, pulp, paper, rubber production, and other industries.


PRICING & AVAILABILITY:     For general availability, please view our supply map. For specific product pricing and availability, please contact our local office via phone (800) 876-3738, or via email




SHIPPING NAME:     Ammonia, Anhydrous


UN NUMBER:     UN1005


CAS NUMBER:     7664-41-7


WARRANTY & DISCLAIMER:     Seller warrants only that the product shall conform to the specifications set forth in the sales contract. The above information is believed to be accurate, but customer assumes all risk and responsibility for results from use or handling of this product. Except as stated above, The Plaza Group, Inc. makes no representations, guarantees, or warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warrant of merchantability or fitness of any product for its intended purpose. Products may be toxic and require special precautions in handling. For all products listed, user should obtain detailed information on toxicity, together with proper shipping, handling, and storage procedures, and comply with applicable safety and environmental standards, regulations, and laws.


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