The Plaza Group is a leading supplier of lignosulfonate across North America. We have surety of supply, a private fleet of dedicated rail cars, and a large network of trucking partners for bulk deliveries.



Lignosulfonates (Sulfonated Lignin) are environment-friendly, co-products from the production of dissolving pulp. The sulfite pulping process creates Red and Black Liquors which are water-soluble anionic polyelectrolyte polymers with high molecular weight. The Plaza Group offers various specifications of Lignosulfonate, which are available as liquid (bulk, IBC) and dry (bagged) products. With access to multiple supply points, we service customers all across North America. “Plaza 48% Solids Red Liquor” is OMRI Certified and registered for use in organic crop production.

Lignosulfonates are used in a variety of applications and industries:

•Pelletizer and binder of coal briquettes and egg coal, animal feed, pet food, fertilizers and metal ores.
• Dispersant for concrete admixtures, brick manufacturing, gypsum boards, pesticides, pigment and dyes, carbon black and leather tanning.
• Surfactant and binder for road dust and crop protection
• Emulsion stabilizer in oil well additives for Oil and Gas
• As a copolymer during the polymerization process of phenolic resin manufacturing


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PRODUCT NAME:     Plaza 48% Solids Red Liquor


PRODUCT CATEGORY:     Lignosulfonates





Solids Concentration48%45%55%
pH4.5 - 7.0
Specific Gravity @ 20ºC1.25-1.35
Freezing Point-5ºC
Boiling Point100ºC
Water Insolubles< 1
Centipoises @ 20ºC300


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CAS NUMBER:     8061-54-9


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