The Plaza Group offers materials used in the manufacture of master batches and resins including carbon black, silica and nylon.

Resin Additives


Resin additives Carbon Black and Nylon are important building blocks for master batches and finished resins serving the plastics, tire, coatings and film industries.

The Plaza Group offers a variety of grades of high quality Carbon Black with lower ash content than most producers at a competitive price. Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 are provided in both virgin and recovered grades.


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PRODUCT NAME:     Carbon Black


PRODUCT CATEGORY:     Resin Additives


DESCRIPTION:     Carbon Black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of primarily petroleum products. The dominant feedstock in United States production of Carbon Black is Carbon Black Oil derived from refining. The Plaza Group carbon black is Coal Tar Oil derived providing high quality and a low ash content.


APPLICATIONS:     The major uses of Carbon Black are a reinforcing filler in tires and rubber products and as a color pigment in plastics, coatings and inks.



ProductsProduct Info
Carbon Black N115view data sheet
Carbon Black N234view data sheet
Carbon Black N326view data sheet
Carbon Black N330view data sheet
Carbon Black N339view data sheet
Carbon Black N550view data sheet
Carbon Black N650view data sheet
Carbon Black N660view data sheet
Carbon Black N762view data sheet


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